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Guide to remote appointments

This guide contains information about how you can arrange a comfortable and confidential space for remote appointment. It also includes advice about how to ensure your appointment runs as smoothly as possible.

Preparing for the appointment


  • Please ensure you are in a place for your appointment where you feel comfortable, where you have privacy, and no other people are present. 

  • If you have a video call appointment please think about where you are and what I can see so you can be certain you feel comfortable with this.

  • Please let me know if you will be abroad at your appointment time so we can think about whether the session can go ahead. I do not ordinarily offer appointments outside of the UK.

What to bring to your appointment

  • It may be helpful to bring a pen and notebook to record key ideas and reflections, and any agreed work for the coming week.

  • You may also wish to bring a glass of water and have some tissues available to you.


  • Please ensure you have a good phone signal and internet connection.

  • Please download the relevant video calling software before the session and ensure you are happy and confident with the video calling system used. 

  • Make sure that the device you are using is fully charged, has relevant and up to date security features, and that you have necessary power cables and plug sockets available if needed.

  • Ensure your phone is set up to receive withheld number. If I need to call you, my telephone number may be displayed as withheld.

  • It can be helpful to use earphones to maximise privacy.

  • Please be aware that for reasons of confidentiality, visual or audio recording of sessions is not permitted. Covert recording would be considered a breach of the Terms and Conditions and grounds for terminating therapy.

Connecting to the appointment

  • Videocalling appointments - I will send you an email just before the appointment time containing a link to the meeting. Please click on the link and wait for the meeting to start.  

  • Telephone appointments - I will telephone you at your appointment time. Please be aware my number may come up as withheld. If I am unable to connect the first time I will try calling again on two further occasions.

During the appointment

  • I understand that it can feel daunting speaking to someone about difficulties and I will aim to help you feel at ease. 

  • Please let me know as soon as possible if you experience any connection problems so we can think about how to resolve these issues. We may decide to move to a different mode of communication if needed (fortunately, I have found connection problems to be very rare).

  • If there is any possibility of being disturbed, then please let me know. We can think together about what to do and how to best use the time in light of this eventuality.

  • It is important that the safety of yourself and others is maintained. If you indicated that yourself or someone else was at risk and the session was disrupted I would try and re-establish a connection if possible. I would have a professional responsibility to safeguard the well-being of those involved, whether or not it was possible to reconnect. This may require me to pass information I hold information about you or others to the emergency services or other relevant parties. 

After the session

  • It can be helpful to schedule some time after your appointment to reflect on and process what was discussed during the session.

  • It can also help to note down: key reflections, areas to focus on during the coming week, and any other questions that you may have for the next appointment.

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