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How long does each appointment take?
Each appointment lasts 50 minutes.

What are your working times and days?
I offer appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Appointments tend to be during the day. I also offer a small number of early evening appointments.

How frequent will appointments be? How long will therapy last?
The planned frequency and number of appointments will depend on your individual situation and we can discuss this together when we meet. Appointments tend to take place on a weekly basis, usually at the same time each week. After weekly sessions have ended it can also be helpful to meet for a follow-up session to reflect on and support ongoing progress.

Do you offer face-to-face therapy?
Currently sessions take place by telephone, video call or in person. More information about meeting remotely can be found here. I have also written a guide to help you prepare for your remote appointment, which can be found here.

Why see a clinical psychologist?

The training undertaken by individuals offering therapy and counselling can be very variable in terms of depth, level and duration. It can be helpful to understand the skills and experience of the person you are seeking therapy with, so you can decide if you think they may be able to help. Clinical psychologists' professional training tends to be in-depth and lasts a minimum of six years, leading to a doctoral level qualification in clinical psychology. This means they are trained to draw on extensive knowledge of human psychology and psychological therapy to assist with a broad range of mental health and emotional difficulties. Many clinical psychologists complete further training in psychology and psychological therapy following professional qualification. Therefore, sessions with a clinical psychologist can offer an effective route to accessing high quality, bespoke psychological therapy.

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